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Day Trading Futures

Day trading is a challenging world of techniques and styles. Like in sports, each professional has its way to play! Join Bull or Bear Futures and check our style out!



As you may see in our YouTube videos, our method mixes technical analysis and order flow tools. There is a complementarity between them, and it gives a competitive edge to the trader who knows how to employ both together.

Like in sports, day trading has a lot to do with a personal style. A sportsman will never play exactly like the guys he admires, or his coaches. During the life, one takes contact with several sources of inspiration and practices, ending up in creating an own style.

Our approach is not for a technical analysis newbie, it requires some experience, so the inclusion of order flow tools does not create confusion in trader’s mind.

Although we focus on E-mini S&P Futures, the method can be applied to every high liquidity asset traded in a stock exchange and where the data needed is publicly released. Liquidity is the key.

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Thiago Teixeira Roque

About Us

I have a bachelor’s degree in mechatronics engineering and certificates in finance and sustainability. Had a 25 year corporate career and worked, among others, in international consultancy firm and international banks. I’ve been trading stocks for 20 years and futures for 7. Four years ago, I left the corporate career and became a full-time trader.

Day trading stocks and futures is the most challenging and fascinating activity I have ever carried out in my professional career. It is not easy as many people say, since majority of the candidates fails. It puzzled me for a long time!

I finally realized that a day trader’s journey is pretty much like the high-performance individual sportsman, and not a traditional occupation. This explained me much of the difficulties and challenges to keep performing well along the time. Based on this and on many and many lessons taken from several experts for 20 years, I got to my style.

It will be a pleasure to share with you all my experience and findings!

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