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Newsletter - E-mini S&P500 Futures

“See our rational and thoughts about the session”

In any business, sports or professional activity, a careful strategic and tactical assessments should be  done before a meeting, a match or any decision to be taken! IN DAY TRADING IS EXACTLY THE SAME! The web provides high quality morning calls from Banks, Brokers, Research firms, however, for a day trader, specially  a scalper, sometimes too much information makes more confusion than support. In my case, I get easily biased and this have already “injured” me countless times in the market.

It is obviously important to get some information, to know briefly what is happening around. However, my decision making process is strictly relied on my own analysis, based mainly in basic technical analysis’ tools (support/ resistances; pivot points, moving averages) and footprint tools, specially the Volume Profile.  With this info in hands, I draft my studies of possible scenarios and, by the start of NY regular session, I’M PREPARED TO TRADE!!!

Free Weekly Newsletter

  • Released every Monday morning
  • A brief of previous week's relevant events;
  • Previous week's important trading regions;
  • An overview of the index current status based on weekly and daily charts;
  • An economic calendar with week's most relevant data to be released;
  • Studies about market possibilities for the week.

Pre-market Studies

  • Studies highlighting important price regions considering weekly and daily charts;
  • Studies based on prior's session intraday charts;
  • List of important points(regions) to watch out in the session based specially on Volume Profile and technical supports and resistances;
  • Day's main events on economic calendar;
  • Tactical studies and draft of possible market movements.

Live Trading

Trading Chat Room

Every technique needs practice to be fully learned and absorbed. Technical analysis tends to be more objective, but when it comes to order flow, a different attention and action is needed.

In this sense, the objective of the trading chat room is not to release trading signals but, like a sports broadcaster, to narrate and discuss the E-mini S&P500 Futures session. This way participants will understand what’s behind the chart, visualize market moves, will be able to practice the reading of the flow in real time and incorporate it in its style.

We carry out 1h30 live transmissions from Monday to Thursday and a weekly Q&A session. It’s 25+ hours per month of real time training.


Learn the fundamentals of order flow, footprint trading, tape reading. (aren’t they the same thing???) Content is not exhaustive but objective enough to give you the skills needed to trade based on it.

Technical analysis is superficially covered, as the course is not aimed at beginners. It is basically a careful recap of tools and concepts needed.

Since day trading is all about style, possibly you are not going to identify with 100% of ours. No one can affirm any isolated course, no matter how good, is enough to create a successful trader. However, I’m sure it will definitely provide you elements that will be decisive in forging your own style.


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